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If you have a current drivers license and are over 21 you can rent a car with Go Cook Islands, you don’t need a Cook Islands Driver’s license.

Rest assured no matter what time you arrive at the airport your car will be there.  Just follow our seamless airport pickup and drop off instructions when you arrive

We offer after hrs service 7 days a week until 9pm

If you have selected standard insurance there will be a $750.00 hold on your credit card that is released back to you after the car has been cleaned and checked back in.  If you select Piece of mind or Relaxed insurance there is no bond needed.

Only those on the rental contract are authorized to drive the rental car.  Extra drivers are $5.00/day if you want to add them.  There is no insurance for anyone driving the rental car who is not pre arranged and paid for.

Go Cook Islands has 3 locations which are located in Vaimaanga (Main office), Muri & Rarotonga Airport

Don’t park under the Coconut Trees, Stay clear of grazing against the bushes and hedges and watch out for the curbs and rocks while parking the vehicle

Call the police and file a report, call us within 12hrs and advise us of the situation.  We are here to help.


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